About this blog

Jono’s Bible Study Notes is a place where I post personal notes from my Bible study time. I meet weekly with a good friend and brother for accountability, fellowship, and Bible study. We study a passage during the week and then meet together to discuss it. This blog will contain my notes from that study.



I’m Jono Martin. Since I started following Christ in November of ’92, I have fallen in love with God’s Word. Studying the Bible brings me true joy, conviction, courage, and (sometimes) confusion. But most of all, it teaches me about God, fills me with wonder and excitement, changes my life, and causes me to want to share what I’ve learned about God. That last point is the purpose of this blog.

I hope you find this blog to be beneficial.

Please feel free to contact me by posting comments on any page on this blog, by using the contact form, or by email: geojono [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look!

When you get a moment, here’s my main blog: By the way….

Oh, and about the ads:
On some of the pages you will see some crazy ads. I’m truly sorry about that. The ads that appear on some of the posts are not mine. I don’t endorse, in any way, what may appear or may be promoted in those ads (I mean, really, even Hillary’s presidential campaign was seen promoted here ::shudder:: ). It’s the price I pay for having a free blog.

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